Conversational Excellence

An organisation can be viewed as a network of conversations. Conversations are key for coordinating actions. Having quality conversations doesn’t sound like a high priority for any business, however in reality all businesses are highly dependent on the quality of conversations it has both internally and externally with customers and shareholders. In short, excellent conversations lead to improved sales and supplier negotiations, quicker problem resolution and more effective employee communications. How can listening drive your business results? How much potential does your company have in creating excellence in conversations? And, are you really listening? We look forward to having a conversation with you.

Leadership systems

We know that great business’ have outstanding leadership and it’s no accident that these things are related.

However, we also know that great leadership is never about just the senior executives. It’s about the leadership system, which includes all levels of people managers.
We believe in the power of developing middle managers. They are the ones that realise the transformational changes within any organisation. They mobilise and engage people; they embody the desired changing and bring the strategy alive. There is great potential in this group of people. Interested in multiplying the impact and added value of this important group in your organization?

Teams Learning

We develop organisations, teams and individuals. We deliver training, coaching and team interventions. In all the work we do we focus on creating deep insights and awareness, and enable people to develop their interpersonal skills. We like to be practical without being superficial, we base our work on academic insights without becoming abstract. We focus on implementing the learnings in the workplace so that practical and sustaining change will be realized.

Some organisations we work for: